EHR infographic

Patient-Centered Care


How Can Data Be Leveraged for Patient-Centered Care?

Unless providers leverage data analytics, their EHR is not much more than a digital filing cabinet doing little to improve patient outcomes. When properly leveraged, healthcare analytics can help NP entrepreneurs make data-driven decisions for patient care. That is because EHRs capture a broad range of data for gaining key operational insights on patient outcomes and financial impacts.  

  • Aggregation of Clinical Data from Multiple Sources
  • Identification of Gaps-In-Care
  • Access to Key Operational Insights
  • Increased Continuity of Care with Patients and Other Providers
  • Improvements in Patient-Reported Quality of Life
  • Ability to Send Out Patient Questionnaires
  • Empowered to Make Well-Informed Recommendations
  • Improvements in Transitions of Care

Let’s Improve Patient Care Together

Checklists for Independent Nurse Practitioners

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