Analytics & Reporting

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Informed decisions will illuminate your practice’s successful journey. Our team analyzes time with patients, patient outcomes, financial performance, and more. 

Practice Health Signals & Success

Our practice health dashboard and analytics consultants guide you safely past the dangers of poor reporting. You need to be aware of problems to address them, so the sooner data hinting at an issue is brought to light, the better.

Our experts customize your reports for ease of access to key performance data. Whether you’re maximizing care or allocating providers’ time, we know what you need to know. We’ll provide the insights you identify as relevant to your practice, measuring your definition of success.

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Nurse Practitioner Analytics Solutions

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

EHR Equity

Custom Tailored EHR Reports

Your practice is unique, and so is your definition of success. We will customize reports of your EHR according to your chosen metrics, and make sure the data you want is presented the way that makes the most sense for your practice. We will customize reports from your EHR according to your chosen metrics, and ensure your data is presented in a meaningful way to your practice.

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Expertly Crafted Dashboards

You will also find at-a-glance access to important key performance indicators (KPIs) useful as you manage your practice’s success and growth. Our experts have designed dashboard solutions that will keep you apprised of the metrics needed to guide your next steps. 

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Easy-To-Read Performance Metrics

Your view of success should also be easy to read, and our experts know that it varies from practice to practice. Once we have collected the data presented, our consultants will make sure that data is easy for you and your staff to read and understand.  

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Full Access To Your Data

This is your data we are delivering, and you should have full access to it. Our reports and dashboards provide a transparent look at how your practice operates. We will show the work as we set up your data management systems so you can be confident you know what you are looking at, and where it came from. 

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