Fully-Managed Credentialing


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With credentialing secured you’ll know your providers are authorized to provide the quality care your practice and your patients are counting on. 

Credentialing and Enrollment  

Payer enrollment and credentialing are essential in establishing your footprint in the community and opening your practice to insured patients. This process can be long and confusing with the potential to delay practice launch if not managed properly.

Our credentialing and enrollment specialists will manage everything from application to renewal so that you can provide patient care that care can be billed to insurance companies.   

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Credentialing Solutions for NPs

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Assessing Practice Needs

We’ll assess your payer contracting, credentialing and enrollments to identify your practice’s needs. This includes payer analysis, review of onboarding and offboarding processes, CAQH profile updates, internal workflows, and software or database analysis. 

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Flexible Setup

Depending on the type of organization and your requirements, we will create processes that work for you and your staff. Our tenured team will build the solution your independent practice needs.

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Credentialing Services

We’ll manage processes including name changes, new software installation, demographic updates, credentialing renewals and assistance on credentialingrelated insurance denials. 

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Enrollment Services

Most payers have unique requirements you’ll need to meet for success. Our experts will identify your ideal payer mix, working through their individual processes to get your practice ready quickly. 

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Checklists for Independent Nurse Practitioners

With over 25 years of experience supporting practice launch and growth, we developed the following checklists to guide nurse practitioners. Click the button below to read more.