Electronic Health Records

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NP Advantage’s electronic health records (EHR) services deliver a smooth setup and user-friendly workflows focused on nurse practitioner and patient satisfaction.  

EHR Documentation Made Easy

Our Electronic Health Records services begin with implementation and training on a leading EHR, enhanced with custom workflows to meet the needs of your practice and its patients. All with no up-front cost to your practice. 

As your nurse practitioner private practice takes on new patients, diagnoses conditions, and prescribes treatment, as billing and claims are filed, the EHR facilitates and records that activity. Our team ensures your system runs smoothly so you’ll be prepared to care for your patients.

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Nurse Practitioner EHR Solutions

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Implementation & Training

We know that your EHR drives every aspect of your nurse practitioner private practice. Our experts specialize in providing implementation, customization, and training for your EHR system.

We’ll train your staff on how the system works, and ensure your system is fine-tuned for your individual workflows.

EHR Equity

EHR Reporting & Data Management

The quality of your EHR data impacts your practice in a number of ways. We leverage data management to monitor patient health and maximize reimbursements. 

Simplified EHR reporting empowers better patient outcomes and improves practice management.

Day to day support

Day-To-Day Support

A challenge with your EHR can potentially inhibit your ability to provide patient care. Our dedicated support team will ensure practice operations run smoothly, even when problems arise.

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Optimized Patient Care

An enhanced and workflow-tailored EHR improves care quality for patients and simplifies the documentation process – allowing more time for attentive patient-focused care. 

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