Payment Solutions: Billing & RCM

NP Advantage consultants will guide you in optimizing your revenue cycle management (RCM) processes: billing, coding, and claim management.

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Revved Up Revenue

Billing and coding for nurse practitioners helps keep practice revenue coming in, ensuring that your practice thrives. Unnecessarily complicated processes can hamper returns and become a barrier for patients to receive the care they need. NP Advantage consultants are familiar with these challenges, and streamline your practice revenue sources, easing the burden on staff and patients, freeing attention for optimization opportunities and improving the patient experience.  

The NP Advantage team’s revenue cycle analysis uncovers clues they’ll use to improve workflows and revenue.  

Together, we will improve coding and reduce claim denials using data analysis, workflow adjustments, timely submissions, complete documentation, and risk adjusted diagnosis reporting.  

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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for NPs

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Revenue Cycle Management

The best way to get the proper reimbursement for the care that you give is through a comprehensive and highly productive revenue cycle management plan.

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Coding Calibration

With NP Advantage, you can rely on experienced billers who will assist you in understanding documentation, coding, and other revenue generating tips.

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Claims Management

Our team will problem solve claims that have been denied, delayed, or rejected, seeking causes and correcting issues to resubmit them, when possible, for full reimbursement.

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Billing Solutions

We’ll gather the demographics, medical history, insurance information and coding information to build an accurate, timely picture of the care provided.

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