Telehealth for Nurse Practitioners

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Our telehealth consultants will get you ready to offer care beyond the office, expanding access to quality care in your community. We will guide you through setup and train staff on best practices. 

Navigate Telehealth With Ease 

Ensure your telehealth service provides accurate documentation, coding, and billing, while offering services relevant to your patient community with expert telehealth consultants. Our team will establish a telehealth system that simplifies processes for providers and integrates with your practice’s systems. 

Our team will help your practice reach more people seeking care and show your staff how to handle virtual visits, online patient portals, integrate the service with mobile devices, and how to coordinate care between Nurse Practitioners and specialists. 

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Telehealth Solutions for NPs

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Technology Setup and Optimization

Our experts will help you implement telehealth technology and assess the use of telehealth modules with your EHR. We’ll set up and install the software, customizing and troubleshooting as needed. 

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Telehealth Staff Training

We’ll train your staff on the best practices for use of your telehealth system. NP Advantage consultants will empower staff for telehealth fluency and provide guidance on efficient operation.

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Telehealth Documentation

NP Advantage experts will integrate your telehealth system with your practice’s EHR. At the end of a visit, details of the patient’s care, and updates to their medical record will be documented in your EHR.

Billing and Coding Assistance

Billing and Coding Assistance

We’ll make sure your employees are well prepared to maximize telehealth reimbursement with the right codes for each remote service. Our billers are also experienced in telehealth billing requirements. 

Promotion to Patients

Promotion to Patients

We’ll promote your telehealth services to drive engagement and access throughout your community. Our team will execute effective messaging using email, social media, local listings and digital advertising.  

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Scheduling Optimization

Individual training for office schedulers to set proper expectations with patients and best practices for pre-visit preparations. We’ll help you find the right mix of in-practice and telehealth visits to maximize your care delivery opportunities. 


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