Telehealth Consulting Services for Nurse Practitioners 

Our telehealth consultants will prepare you to offer care beyond the office, expanding access to quality care in your community. We’ll also guide you through how to set up and train your staff in best practices.

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Navigate Telehealth With Ease 

Ensure your telehealth programs provide accurate documentation, coding, and billing, while offering services relevant to your patient community with expert telehealth consultants. Our team will establish a telehealth system that simplifies processes for providers and integrates with your practice’s systems.  

Our team will help your practice reach more people seeking care and show your staff how to handle virtual visits, online patient portals, integrate the service with mobile devices, and how to coordinate care between nurse practitioners and specialists.  

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Telehealth Solutions for NPs

A full suite of HIPAA compliant telemedicine consulting tools lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Technology Setup and Optimization

Our experts will help you implement telehealth technology and assess the use of telehealth software modules with your EHR. We’ll set up and install the software, customizing and troubleshooting as needed.

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Telehealth Staff Training

We’ll train your staff on the best practices for use of your telehealth system. NP Advantage consultants will empower staff for telehealth fluency and provide guidance on efficient operation.

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Telehealth Documentation

NP Advantage experts will integrate your telehealth platform with your practice’s EHR. At the end of patient visits, details of the patient’s care and updates to their patient data and medical records will be documented in your EHR.

Billing and Coding Assistance

Billing and Coding Assistance

We’ll make sure your employees are well prepared to maximize telehealth reimbursement with the right codes for each remote service. Our consultants are also experienced in telehealth billing requirements.

Promotion to Patients

Promotion to Patients

We’ll promote your virtual care services to drive engagement and access throughout your community. Our team will leverage social media, local listings, and digital marketing to help you attract patients to your NP-led practice.

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Scheduling Optimization

Individual training for office schedulers will set proper expectations for patients and best practices for pre-visit preparations. We’ll help you find the right mix of in-practice and telehealth visits to maximize your care delivery opportunities. 


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Benefits of Telehealth Consulting 

Connect with more patients, improve efficiency, cut down on healthcare costs, and improve patient engagement with remote patient visits. 

Improved Patient Access to Care 

In underserved areas, remote nurse practitioners may be the only option for high quality care. By connecting with patients remotely, NPs can help reduce barriers to care. Additionally, telehealth consulting makes it easier to conduct follow-up visits, monitor chronic conditions, and handle some urgent cases. 

Increased Efficiency 

Nurse practitioners have heavy workloads and telehealth consulting can help them increase efficiency by reducing the need for in-person visits. Additionally, telehealth consulting allows NPs to access a broader range of patients within a shorter period to provide them with high quality care. 


Telehealth consulting reduces transportation costs and cuts down on the need for office space and equipment. Also, telehealth consulting enables patients to connect with nurse practitioners from any location, eliminating the need to travel long distances to get medical care. 


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Improved Patient Satisfaction and Engagement 

With telehealth consulting, patients can schedule appointments with nurse practitioners more easily. Additionally, patients can access telehealth consultations from their mobile phones or personal computers, making medical consultations more convenient. 

Better Work-Life Balance

Since telehealth consulting doesn’t require in-person visits, nurse practitioners can explore telehealth as a flexible work arrangement. This can also create room for NPs to pursue personal interests, take care of family members, and improve their well-being. 

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Understanding Telehealth’s Impact on Healthcare 

NPs have been at the forefront of telehealth consulting, which has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered. They have been instrumental in the success of telehealth consulting in modern healthcare systems, and their role is only going to increase in the coming years. 

Increased Treatment Flexibility and Accessibility  

With telehealth, NPs can connect with patients virtually, diagnose and treat their ailments, and provide access to specialty care that would otherwise be impossible and allows NPs to connect with patients regardless of their location, mobility, or availability. 

Improving Continuity of Care

NPs often work with teams of healthcare professionals, and telehealth can enhance communication among healthcare organizations, allowing for a smoother and more coordinated approach to patient care, which is essential for optimal treatment outcomes.  


Enhancing NP Practice

With telehealth, NPs can see more patients in a day, which increases efficiency and revenue. NPs can also provide more comprehensive care, including consultations with specialists as needed, which allows them to expand their scope of practice beyond what was previously possible.  

Contribution to Health System Efficiency

Telehealth consulting reduces provider and patient wait times for appointments, streamlines patient triage, and reduces the need for in-person visits and appointments. This frees up healthcare providers’ time to attend to more complex cases and diagnoses, significantly benefiting efficiency within health systems and providing the types of care needed by each patient. 

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