Optimized Payer Contracting

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Our team’s payer contract negotiation experience works to get you the best contracts in place while you remain focused on your practice. 

Reimbursement For Insured Patients

Payer contracting agreements are among the first things to consider when launching an NP practice. They’re often time-consuming and frustrating.  

With the NP Advantage team managing contracting, your practice will be well prepared to make the most out of contracts with payers. Then your time can be spent preparing your practice to open its doors.

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Nurse Practitioner Payer Contracting Solutions

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Payer Contracting Management

NP Advantage negotiates reimbursement arrangements with health plans that span rates, networks, medical necessity and necessary provider credentials. We will help you keep it all organized and recorded, and make sure you get the most out of contracts. 

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Payer Contracting Documenting

Our experts will assist your practice staff in documenting care efficiently and accurately,  whether that is reimbursed using the fee-for-service or value-based care model. We’ll assess practice records and set up your EHR to document the benchmarks needed for each.

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Fee-For-Service Contracting

Fee-for-service contracting works by basing pay on individual services provided. Our consultants will draw on their deep experience to negotiate the optimal Fee-For-Service deals for your practice.

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Value-Based Contracting

Value-based contracting, paying based on care quality, has been growing during the last decade. Our consultants will use their expertise to broker deals paying you the most for the high-value care you offer. 

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