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With 25 years of experience helping providers build and market practices and navigate the evolution of healthcare, NP Advantage is uniquely equipped to support the growth of your NP private practice. We are committed to providing nurse practitioners with the tools and support they need to be a solution for addressing health equity and expanding access to high-quality healthcare nationwide. We bring the same level of care to your business that you bring to your patients.   

Our comprehensive service and support suite is at your disposal from day one. Together, we’ll deliver better patient outcomes and satisfaction, while driving a better work-life balance, and propelling practice profitability. 

Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur Solutions Suite

A full suite of tools that lets you focus on patient care, while we do the rest.

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Electronic Health Records

Your EHR should make your practice run smoothly, and it can, with the right setup and training. Our advisors are at your service, making sure EHR is a boon, not a bust. We’ll steer your staff toward more time with patients and less time documenting it.
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Practice Marketing

Your practice needs a marketing team with expertise in website design, social media, reputation and marketing management. Our experts will put these tools to work introducing your new venture to the community and keeping you engaged with patients. 
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Payer Contracting

You need optimized payer contracting to get the most out of your fee-for-service and value-based care contracts. Our experienced team will help you prepare with credentialing and support you in finding the payer mix that’s right for you

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Operations Consulting

Our practice operations consultants will refine office workflows, help train staff, and aid in reporting. These behind-the-scenes improvements enhance patient experience and practice growth. 
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Analytics & Reporting

Your new practice’s success, and ability to overcome hurdles, will depend on your ability to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Take advantage of the insights provided by our financial, patient, services and patient visits dashboards, and the expertise of our consultants who’ll advise the best course of action.  
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Billing & RCM

NP Advantage consultants will establish your practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM) processes: billing, coding, and claim management. Our savvy consultants efficiently handle these processes, setting your practice up for success.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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– Russell Horning, PMHNP-BC

I have been a nurse practitioner for 20 years and always feared dealing with credentialing, insurance, and the other administrative tasks that I believed came along with having my own private practice. I still think that you need to have a good clinical base before venturing out on your own but now with the support of my NP Advantage team I know that it is not as scary as I thought and I wish I had done it much earlier!”



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– Samantha Casselman, DNP, CPNP-PC

“We appreciate your help throughout the process. You have taken the time to get to know us and our unique care model, and you routinely go above and beyond for us.”


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The NP Advantage Process


Empower Yourself To Achieve Your Dreams

Get started on your independent journey by developing a documented business plan. You’ll also need to ensure that you can access your CAQH account, have established a Tax ID number, and set up a Group NPI.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting

Let’s acquaint ourselves, during our conversation we aim to delve deeper into your background and explore the growth opportunities you have envisioned for your independent career as a Nurse Practitioner.

 Define Your Vision

Designed to empower NPs while consolidating their practice ownership aspirations. Our objective is to gain a deeper understanding of your goals so that our team can effectively support you in achieving them.

Take a Moment to Reflect

We encourage NPs to reflect on the information we have provided thus far and consider if progressing aligns with their current situation. Every NP starting this journey should be prepared and dedicated to achieving their dreams.

Leadership Approval

Our team at NP Advantage will conduct a thorough evaluation of the goals outlined in step three. This is to ensure they are in alignment with our overarching mission and vision, crucial for our collaborative success.

Awarding a Contract

Once all parties agree NP Advantage is the perfect fit, you’ll sign our contract to start your journey to practice ownership. We are thrilled to have you join us! Congratulations on making your practice ownership dream a reality.

Hear Directly From One Of Our Clients

Watch our webinar with Russell Horning, PMHNP-BC, of My Buoyant Health as he shares invaluable insights and proven strategies for promoting your medical business. If your objective is to increase patient traffic and enhance revenue streams for your practice, be sure to tune into this webinar!

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